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Pig’s Pen is my author blog.  I’m Wildbow online, and J.McCrae in real life, and I’m the author of Worm, a well-received web serial that started in July 2011 and ended in November 2013.  I’m currently preparing to begin my next serial, and hope to continue writing serials for some time.

I’m an aspiring author with a dream of writing full time, and I’m getting there, which I’m thrilled about.  I’ve learned a lot, and this blog serves as a means of sharing the things I’ve learned, to celebrate successes and inform readers, and acts as a hub for my works.

I can be contacted at Wildbowpig at gmail dot com.

  1. MondSemmel permalink

    This page has become outdated now that Worm is finished.

  2. Nile permalink

    Advice for authors: get the first million words out of the way, then start approaching agents and publishers.

    Either Worm wasn’t your first million, or you’re a very promising author.

    Your writing is a little outside my own genre interests – I read very little fantasy – but more than good enough that I still find it an interesting and entertaining read.

    Also: have you considered approaching artists with a view to writing graphic novels? Your writing style is vivid and ‘visual’, and will work very well in images as well as prose.

  3. Rob permalink

    Hi WB. Worm is fantastic. I just caught up with Pact, and that’s great too. Keep it up ;]

  4. You’re a fantastic author. I loved Worm and I’m really enjoying Pact.

  5. Imthedaddy11 permalink

    just started arc 18 of worm, holy shit, i love your writing

  6. Yohelim permalink

    Wildbow, let me say that you land in my favorite authors of all time for your work on Worm.

    It’s amazing because I haven’t even finished the thing, due to my waiting for its recreation and publishing. when it comes out, you better believe i’ll be there to buy every part. I eagerly await for one of the greatest literary works I’ve ever seen to take its place on my shelf.

  7. Since I have not yet found any other means of contacting you in terms of direct interaction,
    Is there any way of getting a better Insight in the Terms of the Awakening Ritual from Pact?
    I am attempting to write some Fanfiction, and the way it is done in Pact itself is a bit vague.
    I would be delighted to hear from you, since I am a huge Fan of your work
    With love for your work(both pact and worm, just started twig)

  8. Hi! I love your stories! I’m on 16 for Worm, and I can’t get enough.

  9. I love your web serials!

  10. omegaboot permalink

    I see you still update this blog sometimes, but you do have quite a few out-of-date items here.
    1: Your Writing only mentions Worm, not Pact, Twig, or any other works you’ve started since.
    2: Your News ended with starting Pact. Same as above.’
    3: Your About page, as others have mentioned.
    And maybe other stuff, this is just a quick skim.

    • omegaboot permalink

      Oh, and your Samples and Snippets are blank.

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